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2018 TNAMFT Annual Town Hall Meeting

TNAMFT-AAMFT Restructure: Nodal Events 2017 - 2018

Since the 2017 Town Hall Meeting, the TNAMFT Board continued to engage the services of the Past Presidents' Council (CPP) to continue its work to make recommendations for a restructure pathway that would serve the best interests of TNAMFT -- if in fact the AAMFT Bylaws Vote passed in July-August of 2017.  Due to the short time line between the Bylaws passage and due date of Option Applications, the Council was charged to do as much prep work as possible in anticipation of the short timeline.

• COUNCIL OF PAST PRESIDENTS (CPP) - Linda Oxford, Chair.  Participating Members: Janice Barkley, Phil Barkley, Brenda Dew, Celia Ferguson, Richard Gillespie, Jerry Harber, Linda Hazel, Randall Phillips, Judith Roney, and Barney Self. The Council was joined by three Board representatives: Secretary/ Dianne Bradley, Treasurer/John Hart, and President-Elect/Robbie Hutchens.

 CPP ACTIVITIES - Council members conducted research through interviews, survey, networking luncheons and weekend meetings for deliberations throughout the spring and summer. The Council presented its initial report to the TNAMFT Board at the June 15, 2017 meeting with a recommendation for TNAMFT to call an emergency Board meeting to consider the Council’s recommendation to apply for Option 3 - Independent Affiliate status due to the tight deadlines. The Board approved the Task Force’s recommendation and charged the Council with completing the official application, which was to be accompanied by a business plan.  

•A BUSINESS PLAN TASK FORCE was formed from this larger CPP to create the business plan and complete TNAMFT’s application for Option 3.  Members appointed were Linda, Randall, John, Jerry, Dianne, and Robbie.  The work product was due to the Board by November and would be submitted to the Component Evaluation Committee by Nov 15.  Robbie was chosen by the Task Force to be TNAMFT’s official Applicant as (1) a point person to communicate with AAMFT throughout the transition and (2) the writer to produce the actual application work product that condensed the Task Force’s work products.  A preliminary application was presented to Laura Evans and Amanda Darnley at the October 2017 AAMFT national conference. David Hall, Linda Oxford, and Robbie Hutchens were in attendance to discuss the draft application at that meeting. 

FEEDBACK FROM AAMFT was delivered to the Task Force and the official application and all accompanying documentation was edited, improved, and presented on-time (prior to Nov 15 deadline) to Amanda Darnley.  Darnley serves as an advocate for our application to the Component Evaluation Committee.  Additional documents were submitted a week later per the agreement with AAMFT.  

APPROVAL FROM AAMFT - TNAMFT received word on December 18, 2017 that it had been approved for Independent Affiliate status.  We have been informed we were the first association to be granted this status by AAMFT.  The CEC shared high praise for our plan and  offered only a few suggestions for our TNAMFT Board to consider moving forward.

TRANSITION - Since that time the Board has been in regular contact with AAMFT representatives to complete the transition to its new identity.  AAMFT lawyers have officially approved the TNAMFT Business Plan.

COUNSELTNAMFT has retained its own counsel, Bryant Witt, to review the contract, review the proposed bylaws, and advise our affiliate.  The TNAMFT Board has been in recent conversations about the contract with Amanda Darnley and Roger Smith to finalize its terms.

BYLAWS CHANGE - Once the contract is signed, TNAMFT will submit proposed bylaws changes to Amanda Darnley in July of 2018 and then upon approval by AAMFT, submit the proposed bylaws changes to TNAMFT for a vote.  

  • Dr. David Hall, TNAMFT President 
  • Town Hall Meeting, President’s Report, April 14, 2018

TNAMFT is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization and Independent Affiliate of AAMFT 

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