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Like, Follow, Share Facebook Posts:  Following our TNAMFT Facebook Page and the AAMFT Facebook Page keeps you in the loop of major initiatives and urgent news.  When you like the post, share the post, or comment on the post, you can instantly increase TNAMFT’s influence.

Active and Intentional Participant at Events & on Forums:  When you attend a TNAMFT event or participate virtually your responsiveness and active participation in the program is the “unsung hero” of giving back.  If your participation has waned in past years or if you typically sit in the back row and are reticent to jump in, it is a true gift to our association that your would take risks increase your involvement level.  If you see the monthly E-Briefs but don’t typically read them, increase your participation by taking time out to read and engage the news.  Take some time to catch-up!  Online chat rooms and discussion forums will soon be available for TNAMFT members, and this is another excellent opportunity - just like commenting on our official TNAMFT Facebook Page - to plug in.  Introduce yourself to three new people every time you come to an event

Pitch-Out and Pitch-In:  Being an idea and feedback generator is invaluable to TNAMFT, especially when its met with responsible leaders and team members.  So, if you have a cool idea or an earnest critique, pitch-it-out to one of our Officers or Directors and be ready to pitch-in to get it started or reformed.  

Photo Journalist or Feature Writer:  Take photos at official TNAMFT or AAMFT events to support our E-Brief, social media, and website platforms.  Expand and strengthen our relationships with each other by your willingness to write feature stories on innovative, creative, and exceptional practitioners and programs in our state.  

TNAMFT is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization and Independent Affiliate of AAMFT 

Phone: (615) 784-9710 Email: mruncielmft@gmail.com

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