Official Positions and Teaching Roles

Board Members: Running for election to serve as an Officer or Director is a pivotal way to strengthen our profession and become the face of our organization.  Current roles are: President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, East TN Director, Middle TN Director, West TN Director, and Student Representative (Non-voting member).

Committee Chairs and Members: Committees are created and revived on an as-needed basis to champion the MFT profession from needed and varied venues.  Job-sharing is welcomed at TNAMFT, and your willingness to serve as a co-chairperson or project-based member of a committee is truly needed.  Some examples of traditional committees:  Bylaws, Conference, Ethics, Fundraising, Legislative, Membership, Website/Social Media.

Task Force Chairs and Members: Project-based groups are appointed by the President or Committee Chairpersons to take on special needs that arise from Committees or from the TNAMFT Board’s agenda.  Examples:  Rules Rewrite Task Force I, II or the Past President’s Council Business Plan Task Force.

LMFT Representative for Community Groups:  When TNAMFT is asked for a list of recommendations of professionals to serve in advisory roles to the State of Tennessee or in coalition groups with allied professionals, knowing your passion, expertise, and availability to volunteer in these capacities is beneficial, so that a personal and systemic voice may be used for good in our state.  Examples would be Governor’s Council on Children’s Mental Health, Advisory Groups, Task Forces (E-Therapy), Regulatory Board Appointments, or the Higher Ed Consortium (collaborative group of graduate counseling or therapy faculty members from each university in Tennessee).

Mentor or Mentoring Group Host In response to member needs and inspired by successes of other state associations, TNAMFT is creating various forms of mentoring, so that our members may receive support and instruction from other members with expertise.  For example, one mentor volunteered to respond to calls from MFTs who need help preparing for the national MFT exam.  Another has helped members apply for participation on insurance panels.  Interest has also been formed for a supervisor mentoring and support group and individual advocacy skill-building.

Webinar & Dialogue Host:  Continuing education workshops, advocacy trainings, and special announcements are occasionally broadcast in a live or recorded webinar format.  You could support TNAMFT’s webinars by offering technical broadcast support through your place of employment or by hosting colleagues at your office to collectively view and discuss the topic at hand.  But if you are simply able watch it alone, your willingness to grab a cup of coffee and a colleague or ask for time in a staff meeting to connect and to share dialogue about the topic, you are demonstrating relational leadership.

Continuing Education Speaker:  We have ongoing needs to deliver continuing education opportunities with our members.  Our Directors host one-hour Brown Bag luncheons monthly in each of the three grand divisions of Tennessee as well as multiple-hour workshops each year.  And of course, our annual conference gathering has many varied opportunities to share your skills and expertise.  Contact your regional if you are willing to donate your time and talent to support your colleagues and the profession at large.  If you have recorded content - or are willing to deliver live content which could be offered as a webinar, that is also incredibly useful to our association.

TNAMFT is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization and Independent Affiliate of AAMFT 

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