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  • a Board of Officers and Directors who manages the 501(c) 6 as an Independent Affiliate of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  The TNAMFT Board also creates and implements programming for its association members and responds to emerging needs of our profession-at-large by employing committees and task forces as warranted.  Our state association is guided by the TNAMFT Bylaws, our contract with AAMFT and its accompanying policies, and laws that govern non-profit business guilds in Tennessee.  Members of the Board are elected by the paying members of the association and serve their terms on a rotating schedule.  The Board gathers in-person for quarterly business meetings in Middle Tennessee.  Click on the CONTACT menu tab above to view the list of your current TNAMFT Officers and Directors.
  • a part-time lobbyist who represents LMFTs who practice in Tennessee.  Jenny Ford’s reliable presence and intervention with policy-makers and stake-holders coupled with her seasoned strategic advice to the TNAMFT Legislative Committee Board allows us to tangibly strengthen and defend the practice and profession of Marriage and Family Therapy.  This ranges from protecting the LMFT scope of practice and the AAMFT Code of Ethics to securing opportunities for elevated employment, reimbursement, and influence in our state.  Consequently, our lobbyist advocates for mental health consumers in Tennessee by increasing access and availability for services and ensuring a high standard of care.  AAMFT does offer valued research and strategic support to our TNAMFT Legislative Committee, but AAMFT cannot provide an active and ongoing presence at the state level - this is responsibility of the state association.  Click on the ADVOCACY tab above to view the bills that Jenny Ford tracked or took action on last year as well as the scope of practice infringement that she continues to fight for LMFTs.
  • a lawyer who represents the best interests of the state association.  Bryant Witt of Hall, Booth & Smith, P.C. in Nashville advises the TNAMFT Board in key regulatory, legislative, and business issues.  Our lawyer is contracted on a part-time basis as critical needs emerge
  • an accountant who manages the financial business of the state association year-round.  Joey Vance, CPA, CGMA is contracted by the Board to assist our Treasurer in filing the association’s state registrations and tax documents as well as paying our bills.  He also provides financial reports for the TNAMFT Board and assists with the reports that AAMFT requires each year.
  • an annual gathering featuring continuing education and ethics sessions, state-wide networking, and the Town Hall business meeting for the membership.  This annual conference or workshop offers ample opportunities to network with other clinicians, agency administrators, association leadership, fellow MFT advocates, and the eight MFT graduate programs in TN. TNAMFT also hosts its annual Awards Luncheon during this event to recognize exceptional members of the association, community, and legislature.  If you want to stay connected, keep in mind this is the pivotal gathering of the association each year.
  • monthly Brown Bag Luncheons hosted in each of the three grand divisions.  Brown Bags focus on local support and networking for practitioners and typically offer 1 free hour of continuing ed each month.  Association announcements are also made during this time and member queries and concerns are welcomed at these events.  Click on the Contact tab above to locate your East, Middle, and West Tennessee Directors.
  • monthly E-Briefs share association news and advocacy updates through email each month.  These include details of upcoming Brown Bag luncheons and events, advocacy reports, and other announcements from the state and national association.  These email lists are updated monthly as active members’ dues are received for renewal through AAMFT.
  • a Facebook Page which shares the more urgent mental health and association news at our state and national level.  It also features reminders of upcoming association events and initiatives as well as press articles regarding the trends and news in the mental health world.  Keep in mind that AAMFT also has its own Facebook page.  Other mental health associations, allied professionals, and stakeholders in the state and US reference our Facebook page to keep up with key issues in our state.
  • a website which houses key information for members and for the public.  TNAMFT.com maintains a calendar of events, list of job opportunities, advocacy information, important association documents and announcements, as well as contact information for our Board members.
  •  opportunities to take action through service on association task forces, committees, and advocacy Calls to Action to champion our profession.  TNAMFT seeks to employ the rich resources within our membership to complete its mission.  Stay connected and responsive so that you might take advantage of these opportunities to give back and make an impact.  We are the beneficiaries of the blood, sweat, and tears of the founders of our association and license in Tennessee, and we must step up in equally courageous ways now.  Click on the HOME tab above and choose HISTORY to access TNAMFT’s family of origin’ story.  

Forthcoming Benefits 2019

  • a mentoring program for TNAMFT members.  This program is in the design process, and it is intended to address more specific member needs that workshops, conferences, and  Brown Bag Luncheons do not address.  From best practices for the national MFT exam preparation to support for supervisors and supervisors-in-training, TNAMFT is identifying unmet needs.  We have requests for small business best practices and court testimony prep.  This program will be formally launched in 2019, though several groups have self-started since April of 2018.
  • private online forums for TNAMFT members.  A members-only feature to our website will provide a place for virtual connection for support, dialogue, queries, and feedback to the Board. 
  • webinar-based communications for continuing ed, advocacy training and announcements.  TNAMFT members have requested this form of communication to connect members to leadership and information - especially those members who live in remote areas of Tennessee or those unable to attend the annual gathering, when so much critical information is shared.

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TNAMFT is a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization and Independent Affiliate of AAMFT 

Phone: (615) 784-9710 Email: mruncielmft@gmail.com

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